Board   of Directors  
Ann Duncan Librarian Bedford School System (retired)
Charles Lowry (Chair) Founder of BHSF, member of the   historic Lowry family 
David Lowry     (Vice Chair) Founder of BHSF, member of the   historic Lowry family
Gaynelle Creasy Member of the historic Callaway family
Rev. Henry A. Henderson Pastor Washington Street Baptist Church
President David Lowry
Vice President Charles Lowry
Secretary Perl L Robertson
Treasurer Shelley Shoemaker
Ann Roberts Association of Professional Genealogists 
April Cheek-Messier President D-Day Memorial
Bill Piatt US Federal Government & World Bank (retired)
Brent Staples Senior Editorial Writer NY Times
Carole Lacy Member Bedford Genealogical Society, Inc.
Gary Lowry Safety Director Bedford County School System
John E. Lane III Fiduciary Administration and Law
Ronnie Miller  Owner/Operator Bedford Funeral Home
Stephen Stevick (Fmr.) Executive Director Sierra Club Foundation